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The Boy & I are going to see another house this morning.  We’ve already found a few that were pretty nice, but alas, this house-hunting game isn’t treating us well.  Hopefully today goes better 🙂 xo Ashley Pictured above… lilies from my mom’s garden; fluffy clouds; my new bag I bought to use as a camera bag (thrifted, too!)


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I’m currently reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Safran Foer. It’s one of those books that you keep reading & reading because it’s so captivating, yet you put down because it gives you “heavy boots.” It ties several family members’ stories together, piecing decades of experiences into a charmingly jumbled tale. I believe it was turned into a movie with Tom Hanks in it, so I plan to sit down with that when I’m finished with the book. xo Ashley


Today happens to be one of those crummy-outside sort of days that The Boy gets to have off work. I, however, have ventured out, donning puddle boots I bought over a year ago and haven’t worn yet. This has been one of the few rainy days we’ve had in a long while, so there hasn’t really been a puddle boot occasion until recently. So even though it’s a gloomy day, I’m still loving it 🙂 xo Ashley


01. Make a time capsule 02. Find home 03. Leave the country for the first time 04. Travel to Austin, TX 05. Launch Pink Loves Purple, & blog/sell crafts 06. Purge my closet, bathroom stuff, & magazines 07. Get a manicure &/or pedicure for the first time – here 08. Purchase a stand mixer 09. Get a new tattoo 10. Finish at least six books 11. Own a bicycle 12. Learn to sew 13. Go camping/sleep under the stars 14. Adopt a pet 15. Take a photo of Mom & Dad 16. Find a lifestyle-supporting job 17. Grow a garden 18. Go back to school/enroll in a class 19. Make a meal from farmers market, locally grown, &/or homemade/homegrown foods 20. Try to live tech-free for a few days 21. Try Thai food 22. Go horseback riding 23. Start a new collection or improve a current one 24. Get a tarot …

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I’m twenty-five now, & now I think it’s time to work on launching Pink Loves Purple – it’s one of the things on my “25 things to do while I’m twenty-five” list. xo Ashley