I’m doing a lot of hunting for home decor and furniture lately. I’m adding so much to my “dream house” list! Some things are (VERY) wishful thinking… (2) Thrive Taylor Sectional in Expectation Grey or Klein Atomic with walnut stain? Yes PLEASE! While others are more likely to get purchased very soon, like that (1) GIANT map: It’s just begging to be in my home so I can put little pins in it representing places Brian + I have traveled ^.^ Only, the only wall I can think to put it is our dining wall, and it would cover almost the whole wall! This little (4) garbage can would be perfect for the kitchen when I need somewhere to put food scraps to go out for composting. And (3) this plant stand would be perfect for displaying my small container garden on our deck. The (5) Kontiki patio furniture set …

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I’m sure you’re all in the same boat as me – ITCHING FOR SPRING!!!  I’ve been wishing for some bright new colors in my closet and some fresh outdoors.  This month, I want to share with you some things that are just loaded with color, fun, and oh so cute! LISTED: 1 Purple Bunny Ring, by EveryBearJewel, $86.00 || 2 Square Marlowe Grapevine Eyeglasses, from BonLook, $99.00 || 3 It’s a Snapshot Satchel, from Modcloth, $74.99 || 4 Shining Through Dress, from Modcloth, $92.99 || 5 Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Becki Wedge Sandal, from DSW, $29.94 || 6 Brooklyn Cruiser, from MOMA, $580.00 || 7 Daydreamer Bedding, from Anthropologie, $48.00–$228.00 View all wishlists.


I am NOT a gold person. Never have been. Yuck yuck yuck pretty much sums it up.  I never liked receiving gold jewelry, gold knick knacks, gold anything.  I’m not sure what it is.  Lately, I’m thinking that it’s never really been GOLD that I was so opposed to though – it’s “gold,” or brassy/bronze-colored things.  “Gold” door handles, “gold” candle holders, “gold” frames, “gold” fixtures.  Bleh. Brian & I are watching old James Bond movies, and the other night we snuggled up to Goldfinger, in which the villain boldly states “This is gold . . . All my life, I have been in love with its color, its brilliance, its divine heaviness.”  That caught me be surprise because something clicked inside me – gold is actually quite beautiful in the right applications. Immediately, my mind went back to December, when I remembered seeing Elsie Larson’s Christmas tree.  At the time, I thought to …

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Over at the Handmademovement Team on Etsy, there are what we call “Sneak Attacks” — What is a Sneak Attack? It’s a way to support independent artisans who are trying to sell their wares online. Two days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop! Even if you can’t make a purchase, you can still help by marking their shops or items as favorites, adding them to your circle and spreading the word. If you see something a friend or family member might like, ask them to view the shop. We welcome anyone to come in and join us with the chatter and fun! This week’s “victims” are the following shops: PassionKnitErnst, allthingsniceva, PinkCoatCrafts, RulerPaperScissors, MagnetsByMonica, and Ifeelsoapcompany I’ve created …

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When I bought my current sofa, I thought I’d keep it forever. It’s pretty solid construction, soft + comfy but with clean lines, and big enough to fit like half a dozen people. I hated the fabric. That was the trade off. Two people can lay spooning, but the color is not my taste. I had grand visions of upholstering it. Well, that day never came. And I don’t think it ever will… The sofa above is a good representation of the one I have.  It’s almost identical, only the one on the website is a beige/cream color, and mine is more dead grass (I tweaked the posted photo to closer match it).  Mine came five pillows – three match the sofa, and two are the same fabric, only darker.


February seems to be all about bright reds and pinks – and I’m not complaining!  I’d like to share with you a few finds I’ve come across and would definitely love to add to my belongings 🙂 LISTED: 1 Windy City Dress in Coral by Modcloth, $64.99 | 2 Cancer Astrology Necklace by Amourology, $18 | 3 A Little Pink Me Up by  Amazing Petals, $57.95-$77.95 | 4 Abella Lumbar Pillow by Pier1, $20 | 5 Vintage Suitcase photo by MyMonography, ~$32.32 | 6 iPod Touch in pink by Apple, $299-$399 | 7 Silicone Baking Mat by Kitchen Elements, $24.99 | 8 Ice Cream Maker attachment by KitchenAid, $80.99 What’s on your wishlist for this month? xo Ashley


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So I’ve had my Etsy shop open for almost a month, and I’ve managed to get quite a few listings up – and even one sold!  Woohoo!  I’ve missed having an Etsy store.  I’m still trying to “catch up” to my old shop – I haven’t been able to get back into the same habits or connect with the same people quite yet.  But I’m still having fun making and listing items, and I’ve even got my mom making some stuff that she’d like to sell 🙂 So go take a look already! xo Ashley Above… 1. The RIPPLE scarf in CHARCOAL GREY 2. The RIPPLE scarf in RED RASPBERRY 3. CLOUD BLUE knot scarf and headband 4. Ruffle scarf in NEON GREEN and PINK 5. The SCRUNCH hair tie: in PURPLE and GREY colors 6. LIGHT LILAC and BLACK headband 7. The CHAIN scarf: in TAUPE BROWN color 8. …

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