FEBRUARY 2016. from Pink Loves Purple on Vimeo. Here’s February 2016 of my life via 1 Second Everyday. BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


My 2016 resolution is to DOCUMENT MORE. At the beginning of the year, I downloaded an app called 1 Second Everyday, and I’ve been using it to catch bits+pieces of everyday life, from wedding dress shopping to hanging out with kitties. BLOG · ETSY SHOP · INSTAGRAM · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · PINTEREST


I woke up yesterday morning to golden sunlight bouncing off of icy-touched foliage. I immediately bundled up and snapped a few photos to capture the brief ethereal moment. Here are a few more frosty photos due to the coming onslaught that is winter… There’s something about snowy/frosty evergreens that I can’t seem to get enough of o.0 BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


This morning, I was actually compelled to go outside to take a few photos from yesterday’s snowfall. I didn’t stay out long, as I hate the cold; but boy, was it beautiful out. I love the look of big fluffy snowfall on a sunny day. I just hate that in order to have snow, it has to be so freakin’ cold, and we have to put up with idiots on the roads. Alas, I did not want to rant, but rather share: oooh, pretty! I have to say, I am excited about the upcoming season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the fun, crazy, stressful times they bring. And I am a firm believer that it isn’t the holidays without some snowfall. I just wish that it didn’t last through April!!! BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


Lilies are probably my favorite flower. I had to snap a few shots of the ones popping up around my house. Enjoy! BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


Long time, no see, blog. SO. I splurged on a present to myself – a new camera. And I promptly ran outside with it to snap about two dozen shots before the battery died. Switching from an old Canon EOS 450D (“XSi”, circa 2008) to a Canon EOS 7D Mark II is DIFFERENT! It is going to take me a LONG time for the controls to become natural to me. The first big thing is that the power & play/review button are no longer on the right side of the camera. What was once a quick flip with my thumb in both cases is now a mild case of stupefied stumbling. Oy.. The second is the updates that Photoshop & Lightroom (read: I almost had a mini attack when my files wouldn’t import). I am so excited about this camera!! I hadn’t picked up a DSLR since January, when Brian …

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About a month ago, I watched my niece Kelsi for a few hours while my sister went to an appointment. Kelsi and I played in the snow for a little bit before coming inside to warm up and dry her clothes. I was changing the film in my Instax Mini when Kelsi grabbed my digital camera insisting “I take pictures of you!” I showed her where the shutter button was, and these were the results: I didn’t look at the photos until after Kelsi was picked up. I had a chuckle over her tiny little finger in each photo 🙂 BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


Throwback Thursday!  I found this photo while sorting through my photo collection a few months back and had meant to share it.  It’s a photo of myself & my cousin Karen way back in September 2002.  My parents were having a 50th birthday party for our Uncle Andy, and Karen & I are photographed in my bedroom.  Almost twelve years later, Karen’s now living in Ohio with her fiancé! Talk about “high school skinny”! Oh, to be 15… BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


Here in Lake Orion, it is Wednesday, October 30, and it is 60°F outside! The skies are blue, the sunshine is warm, and this will probably be the LAST nice day until spring. Soak it up, take it in, go outside.