I’ve had a cat in my life constantly. I’ve also always had a household filled with plants. Over the years, some combinations of certain cats and certain plants have been more successful than others, for sure. Our current household consists of two kitties and many varieties of plants. Some are non-toxic to kitties, others are. My cat, Milo, is (technically) an indoor cat but has always been a sucker for gnawing on plants, and almost nothing will stop him if he wants a particular one. His weakness is definitely palms, specifically the Parlor Palm from IKEA. I put that thing on a seven foot shelf, and I still woke up to a plant-carcass and dirt everywhere! My compromise was just to accept that that plant was a goner and to not buy any more. San, on the other hand, has been going outdoors since she was a kitten and is …

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So I’ve been locked out of my blog for quite a few weeks… I just was sort of waiting for the problem to correct itself, as I never seemed to have a pocket of time to hone in and address it. WELLLLL, it didn’t fix itself, and it took me about ten minutes to “fix” it (it’s fixed enough that I’m logged in and can access my stuff, but I haven’t reinstalled the things I disabled). Anyways, I’ve been itching to share so many things: OUR HONEYMOON PHOTOS — HELLO!??!?!?!!?! Where are those?? A few more wedding photos. MY BASEMENT STUDIO/OFFICE ROOM!!!! And yes, all this merits ALL CAPS because I’m so frickin’ excited. Hmm, what else? My One Little Word! My (temporary???) switch from my Samsung Galaxy to a Google Pixel. Lots of little stuff that, knowing me, I’ll never actually get around to sharing… 🙁 Meanwhile, enjoy this …

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Sometime in July I had made the resolution to blog more. I didn’t really have a gameplan, but I was just tired of having a blog that I don’t blog in. I am realizing that I am forgetting more and more things, big and small. I used to be able to remember minute details, like word-for-word conversations or exact times (not just dates, but times and dates) that something happened. Today, I have to “look up” a lot of that. Maybe I’m enabling my forgetfulness by trying to document more… Maybe I’m relying too much on something else backing up my memories. Or maybe I am just losing my memory and will be eternally grateful to my current-self when I look back on the things I did manage to record. This is a familiar post for me. How many times have I moaned about documenting more and blogging more? In …

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Heidi was adopted ten years ago from a shelter at approximately age five. Her given name was Pantera. She was surrendered by her previous family because they moved out of state and couldn’t take her with them. I renamed her Heidi after about a week because whenever I came home, I couldn’t find her; she was always hiding. I would have her wear a bell so I could always find her. She gave up her hiding ways after not too long. But she would forever be my Heidi. The past ten years of my life have been so blessed by her presence. Words cannot even begin to describe the love I have for her. She has been my family when there was no one else. I lost a piece of myself today. Needless to say, things have been rough lately. I know I will eventually take the time to celebrate …

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When Brian and I moved in together back in 2012, we blended our little furry families: my two cats, Heidi & Milo, and his one, San. We are different people and have different ways of raising kitties. My cats are front-declawed and stayed indoors. His cat is not declawed and spends most of her waking hours outside. My cats had a self-dispensing endless supply of dry food and his had a giant open bowl of dry food. Together, we somehow blended the worse of both situations. My cats started wanting to go outside, and his cat decided that the all-you-can-eat buffet was her favorite thing. San got pretty fat pretty quickly. We weren’t quite sure what to do about it, really. We didn’t like the idea of having to portion out food daily to whiny needy kitties. But boy, was San getting chunky! One day, we stumbled upon this Interactive …

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About two months ago, Brian and I added a little betta friend to our home. I had found an actual fishbowl at Goodwill and decided it was finally time to get the betta I’d always wanted (like, have seriously been thinking about it since they gave them away as prizes at the fair when I was little). With some research, Brian let me know that I’d have to acclimate the water and change it often, and that some additions like shrimp and snails would help out. So we made the betta a new home, with treated water and fresh, live plants. Two months later, Spike the crowntail betta is a happy little blood worm eating entertainment center in a bowl. #14 on my list of 25 Things is complete ^.^ In time, we’ve also added two ghost shrimp and two snails, excitedly nicknamed Shrimpy, Snail, Little Shrimpy, and Baby Snail. …

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A snapshot of Milo in my plants yesterday. I’ve made this photo my new desktop background, by the way ^.^


Yesterday, in true April 1 tradition, we woke to Michigan playing a little joke on us. Sunday, we went to bed after a day that had reach high temperatures in the 60s… Monday, we wake to snow on the ground!! Really, it was just a light dusting of frost, but still. I’ve been using this past week or so to focus on some me-stuff. It leaves little time to get on my computer though. In the last week, I’ve met my friend Neoma for coffee; my friend Michelle and I did some real damage at Ikea; I visited my sister’s family at their house; I hung up/moved around art and photos; I cleaned the house from top to bottom (actually more left to right); I watched Sex & the City… Brian brought home an old phone that I cleaned and he hung. I want to get another for the basement, …

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Here’s a few forgottens that I’ve dug up from circa 2010: One of the first photos I took with my first DSLR.  It’s a charm I had on my point-and-shoot & it now resides on my DSLR.  I purchased the charm because the word  believe is very important to me – you must always believe!  And I hung it on my camera because before I’d gotten the DSLR, it was only a dream to own one.  I have one now because I believed one day I would. Milo; September 2010. Fencing; September 2010. Channeling Buffy; 2010. TTV; 2010. The charm I had on my old cellphone.  It’d be on my current phone if it had a hook for it 🙁  Love is also one of those important-to-me-words. Heidi; August 2010. More FORGOTTEN PHOTOS FRIDAY.   xo Ashley