I finally have my STUDIOFFICE (Studio/Office) hovering around that 90% Complete mark. There’s still a lot of little finishing touches that I need to do to bring this room into full completion; but for now, I’m too excited about the space to keep from using it, documenting it, and sharing it! As a reminder, here was the space when it was empty, as well as my 3-Dimensional renderings depicting my intentions for the space. Needless to say, I am completely enjoying this space! Brian and I have sort of nicknamed it my “lady cave” [which sounds a tad inappropriate if your mind doesn’t immediately connect it with the idea of a “man cave”]. I’ve been wanting to snap a few shots to share for awhile, so I finally got to the point where I just “dealt with” the lighting I had. I’m not home during daylight hours very often, and …

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Hey, remember when I made that Studio/Office mood board??? Like, four years ago??? No? Well, progress has obviously been slow. But I suppose that’s fine, since I’m tweaking my design concepts anyways. Most of it still holds true, like the existing furniture, the mostly white & grey color palette, and the pink accent; some of it I’m glad I didn’t do, like the yellow barn door (still doing a barn door, just not yellow!), the “pops” of random colors, and the fabrics. Here’s a modified version of what I’m thinking today: [click for larger] [RESOURCES] Flooring: COREtec Plus HD Odessa Grey Driftwood | barn door image | Furniture: IKEA | floating shelves image | molding image | Pendant light: Lowe’s | Frames: Michael’s | Lamp: antique | Fonts: Remington Noiseless & my handwriting. And since I FINALLY have flooring installed, I think I can officially start to feel like this …

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Brian and I have been home from our recent honeymoon (that’s coming soon!) for about 5-1/2 days now. We were in New Zealand and Australia, where in October/November, they’re gearing up for their summer. Needless to say, here back home (in Orion, Michigan), the snow that appeared today is a little disappointing. I miss 75°F+ weather FOR SURE. I bitch about the cold and winter all the time (see here or here or here) so this is nothing new. But just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean I can’t document it. 😉 The snow isn’t really too visible in the photo (it was also SUPER windy), but it is the FIRST snow of the season, so I snapped a few photos anyways. And just for fun, here’s a photo of the front of the house back in October when the leftover mums & pumpkins from our ceremony were charmin’ up …

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Today I want to share a peak into my living room, specifically my “gallery wall.” I’ve been trying to get one in since we moved in in 2012, but I could never decide on a layout. Well, one day, Brian put up a framed piece from his sister (it’s a pencil sketch of Brian & me that she gifted us this past xmas), so I decided to accent that. I bought picture ledges from IKEA, & put up some of the art/photos/knick-knacks that I’ve been hording for this purpose. Thanks for letting me share this space! BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


Back in April, I mentioned that the pine trees by our house had to go. In a new timely record, I’m happy to report that they’re gone. This has to be one of our “faster projects.” Usually, we can be pretty good about making decisions, but execution is where we fall flat. It’s such a small change, but it brought along its own pros and cons… As expected, it made the second bedroom brighter 🙂 And as expected, the house does feel a little more lopsided to me now. I’m giving it a little time to see if it truly is lopsided, or if it’s just a new-to-me lopsided (ha!). Also, the remaining tree looks so much bigger now, and I’m loving it! It blooms pink flowers in the spring, so any more space I can give the little guy, the better. Lastly, while not unexpected, I’m a little disappointed …

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Yesterday, I wanted to do two things: switch out the curtains in the bedroom, and photograph our new rug.  Little did I know that it would be a little bit of an event… First, I had to clean the bedroom, as it’s mostly Brian’s stuff in the room (he is not about the aesthetics like I am – clothes everywhere).  I washed our flannel bedding to be put away and put on our new Christmas-gift sheets (from my mom).  I switched around the chest and the chair with each other.  I organized Brian’s general piles of clothes into baskets and hid them in the closet.  I found a second curtain rod I had stashed away in Brian’s closet and decided to hang that up too.  Then I busted out our new curtains that I got while in Indy.  Six hours later, I took some pictures. Anyways… I got a new rug …

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Years ago, when I was in highschool (or maybe shortly after, but I think I was probably still in highschool), I got this lamp. It was at an antique shop in Canterbury Village. Now, my memory is a little foggy, but I remember the shop being two stories in a large building, and today, the building I swear this shop was in is now a chapel; so I don’t know if I’m misremembering, the shop is gone, or if the shop moved to the current antique store that is there now in another part of the village… Anyways, I was visiting with my mom and dad and my boyfriend-at-the-time. I remember feeling lost and despondent in this huge full-of-old-shit place, as antiques were SO not my thing back then. I was bored. Then I went upstairs and across the room behind the stairwell was this godawful lamp. AND I HAD …

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We have two pines trees that are just TOO CLOSE to our house. One is directly in front of our small bedroom’s east window. The other is next to our bigger bedroom’s south window. While the trees weren’t necessarily offensive when we moved in, they’re driving me crazy now. The bottoms of the trees are dead or dying and we’ve removed a lot of the lower browned branches. Normally, I’m all for trees, but for whatever reason, these have gotten under my skin. They block out way too much light from the bedrooms, and I’d love to see something fresher looking out there than two trees on their last limbs (hah). We haven’t done much, but here’s where we were a year and a half ago: Removing these pines has been on our to-do list for awhile now. Last November, I posted a wishlist of what we’d like to do …

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I managed to only post one entry for the entire month of March.  Um, what?  April is not really going any better… I have SO many thoughts, projects, ideas, words, and photos, that there should be NO reason for this…  yet, I find myself making excuses relentlessly. Then something happened.  I was looking through photos on my phone (that I’ve, unsurprisingly, done nothing with), and I’ve realized how much our home has changed in just a short time, and I haven’t documented it fully.  I want something to look back on so we can see the details of how things came to be.  I need to stop waiting for everything to be “finished” — nothing will EVER be finished! So I’m going to try blogging the small stuff more often: Hopefully I’ll become more habitually in just posting the little things, because it’s lots of little things that make up …

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Local weather has been CRAZY lately. Some days have been super nice and sunny with temps in the 70s, then the next day it’ll be cloudy and SOOOO windy. Or like Saturday, perfectly nice, until a freak hail storm with marble-sized hail rolls in. Or last night, with temps dropping frighteningly fast so that it can snow THREE inches overnight. ARG!!! Oh, Michigan, how you torment me. Here’s are a few shots lately: Why can’t it just be summer weather yet? BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST