Brian and I have been home from our recent honeymoon (that’s coming soon!) for about 5-1/2 days now. We were in New Zealand and Australia, where in October/November, they’re gearing up for their summer. Needless to say, here back home (in Orion, Michigan), the snow that appeared today is a little disappointing. I miss 75°F+ weather FOR SURE. I bitch about the cold and winter all the time (see here or here or here) so this is nothing new. But just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean I can’t document it. 😉 The snow isn’t really too visible in the photo (it was also SUPER windy), but it is the FIRST snow of the season, so I snapped a few photos anyways. And just for fun, here’s a photo of the front of the house back in October when the leftover mums & pumpkins from our ceremony were charmin’ up …

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I woke up yesterday morning to golden sunlight bouncing off of icy-touched foliage. I immediately bundled up and snapped a few photos to capture the brief ethereal moment. Here are a few more frosty photos due to the coming onslaught that is winter… There’s something about snowy/frosty evergreens that I can’t seem to get enough of o.0 BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


This morning, I was actually compelled to go outside to take a few photos from yesterday’s snowfall. I didn’t stay out long, as I hate the cold; but boy, was it beautiful out. I love the look of big fluffy snowfall on a sunny day. I just hate that in order to have snow, it has to be so freakin’ cold, and we have to put up with idiots on the roads. Alas, I did not want to rant, but rather share: oooh, pretty! I have to say, I am excited about the upcoming season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the fun, crazy, stressful times they bring. And I am a firm believer that it isn’t the holidays without some snowfall. I just wish that it didn’t last through April!!! BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST