Brian’s uncle, Bob, and his family have an Annual Pumpkin Picking Party at their farm near Lansing. This is the second year Brian & I have gone. Last year, I was on photo-overload, so this year, I relished with just my cellphone. I took only a handful of photos, so to give you more of an idea of the atmosphere, I’ve also included some photos from last year that haven’t made it onto the blog yet: So I don’t think I’ve ever “explained” what the Annual Pumpkin Picking Party is. Bob (and co.) grows a patch of pumpkins (big, little, white, orange, green, gourds, etc.) that he sells around October. All his family and friends come out for a day to help cut the vines, collect the pumpkins, load them up on tractor-pulled hayrides, and unload them at the front by the road to be sold. The rewards are good …

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This past autumn, Brian & I traveled to his uncle’s farm near Lansing for their annual pumpkin picking party… He makes silly faces at me all the time, so this is a change of pace ;D I had originally drafted this post a few days after we went, but the formatting needed to be fixed.  Well, I never got around to it, and there these photos sat 🙁 I do miss being that blonde sometimes too… oy. More FORGOTTEN PHOTOS FRIDAY. xo Ashley


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Winter is almost here!  (I know, it feels like it IS here, but remember, “winter” isn’t until the solstice!)  There’s quite a few things I need to get to postin’ soon!  Like, I haven’t even gotten any of my stuff from Austin/Wilmington posted yet!  That was Halloween o.0  Eek! Anyways, these are a few snapshots from the past couple weeks. xo Ashley Pictured above… 1. I made Boston Creme cupcakes ^.^ 2. San’s in a basket! 3. Jelly beans! 4. Funny faces while putting up the tree 5. Building “cat shelves.” 6. Silver decorations. 7. I made a tinsel tree. 8. A new bar area. 9. Heidi in front of the tree. 10. Milocat XD


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Temperatures have fallen to the 40s & leaves are dying all over – fall is here! The Boy & I visited Rochester Cider Mill over this past weekend for cider, doughnuts, and caramel apples ♥  We stopped in back to visit his cousin and take a peak at the doughnuts being made (fresh!).  Behind the mill is a small barn with goats, sheep, and chickens – and they love snacks ^.^ If you’ve never been to the Rochester Cider Mill, go.  Now.  Everything there is absolutely delicious!  Guaranteed to be a fun trip too 🙂 xo Ashley