Brian and I have been home from our recent honeymoon (that’s coming soon!) for about 5-1/2 days now. We were in New Zealand and Australia, where in October/November, they’re gearing up for their summer. Needless to say, here back home (in Orion, Michigan), the snow that appeared today is a little disappointing. I miss 75°F+ weather FOR SURE. I bitch about the cold and winter all the time (see here or here or here) so this is nothing new. But just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean I can’t document it. 😉 The snow isn’t really too visible in the photo (it was also SUPER windy), but it is the FIRST snow of the season, so I snapped a few photos anyways. And just for fun, here’s a photo of the front of the house back in October when the leftover mums & pumpkins from our ceremony were charmin’ up …

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I woke up yesterday morning to golden sunlight bouncing off of icy-touched foliage. I immediately bundled up and snapped a few photos to capture the brief ethereal moment. Here are a few more frosty photos due to the coming onslaught that is winter… There’s something about snowy/frosty evergreens that I can’t seem to get enough of o.0 BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


This morning, I was actually compelled to go outside to take a few photos from yesterday’s snowfall. I didn’t stay out long, as I hate the cold; but boy, was it beautiful out. I love the look of big fluffy snowfall on a sunny day. I just hate that in order to have snow, it has to be so freakin’ cold, and we have to put up with idiots on the roads. Alas, I did not want to rant, but rather share: oooh, pretty! I have to say, I am excited about the upcoming season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the fun, crazy, stressful times they bring. And I am a firm believer that it isn’t the holidays without some snowfall. I just wish that it didn’t last through April!!! BLOG ETSY SHOP INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK PINTEREST


We’ll be celebrating the New Year at Dave & Annie’s house again this year — it seems to just become our annual tradition! Here are few snapshots from when we welcomed in 2014: And here’s a look back at 2013. BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


This year, I hosted an impromptu family Thanksgiving for my parents, my sister & her family, and Brian’s mom. It wasn’t actually on Thanksgiving, so it was a little less pressure, but nonetheless, the first time I’d prepared this meal. My biggest undertaking was the turkey. It was several years after I’d been living on my own before I would even look at raw poultry. I couldn’t be in the same room as someone carving one of those deli rotisserie chickens either. It’s taken a lot of determination & willpower to be able to cook with meat. All that in mind, I was pretty damn impressed with my bird. The whole time I was preparing the turkey, all I could think was “What disgusting person decided that killing a bird, ripping out its insides and replacing them with miscellaneous veggies, and peeling back its skin to ‘massage’ butter into it …

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I dug up a few snapshots of NYE last year and wanted to share 🙂 We celebrated impromptu at friends’ & Brian spent a good chunk of time actually running around with the rugrats. There was champagne, shrimp, and Rock Band. We may be doing it again this year! BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


This year, I decided to host Christmas dinner for my immediate family. Brian & I had over my parents, and my sister & her family. Having never hosted a holiday dinner, I definitely overdid it. I had way too much food for just the six-and-a-half of us haha! I made some traditional things like mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, stuffing, & biscuits, and we had a boneless Honeybaked Ham to cut down on how much I had to do and to reduce some of my stress. After dinner, we opened gifts, and as per tradition, we watched Christmas Vacation. I was too busy tweaking things and cooking to take time to take photos, so here are the few snapshots Brian & I managed to grab: I’m thankful that Brian picked up the camera when I wasn’t looking; otherwise we’d probably have zero photos from the day. I’ve noticed that …

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Here are a few snapshots of what’s been going on around our home this holiday season: I absolutely love busting out the xmas decorations every year and adding a little more to the collection every December. I bought a new tub of 101 silver ornaments this year from Home Depot to fill out the tree. At first, I didn’t think it looked any different until I whipped up a little frame with 2012’s and 2013’s trees… I’m going to be so sad to pack all of it away again 🙁 I barely got a month out of the decorations — December 1st was Thanksgiving weekend (so I think that would explain why I feel like this season was SOOO short!). At the very least, my gift shopping is not only done, but ALL the presents are wrapped and ready to go! I DO still have to go pick up a …

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I just wanted to share a few photos of Brian putting up our lights outside: Now blue is definitely not my first choice in color for winter lights, but it’s what Brian wanted. And considering that about 90% of the time I ask him “what do you want (insert topic here)?” that the answer is always “I don’t care” I’ll let him have this one thing about which he actually had an opinion. 😉 BLOG | ETSY SHOP | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | PINTEREST