Remember the last time I shared something about my My One Little Word, JOY? No? That’s because it was in January. I have been getting around to the monthly prompts, but I’m always (ALWAYS) late to the game. It’s a little bit of a different feeling when you’re kind of doing your own thing weeks after the rest of the “class” did… But that’s always been my life. Late homework and Saturday detentions back then; willingly dishing out money on classes that I’m always “getting to later” now. My January and February pages are still a mess with the intentions of “getting to them” to polish them up later… March is technically done, I suppose. March’s prompt was to make a vision board. And I was totally NOT into that idea. Which surprised me, because cutting up magazines and books and other paper bits and gluing them to anything and …

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I’ve finally decided on my word for my first One Little Word workshop [Here is a quick video summary of the workshop]. I had started by listing random words that I thought would work and ended up with over forty line items over the course of the last couple weeks (some of them were repeats). When one still didn’t seem to encompass everything I was going for, I simply made a list of what would be important to me in 2017: finishing projects; going outside more; being creative (painting, crocheting, photographing, scrapbooking, etc.); simplifying; decluttering; organizing; traveling… In the end, I noticed that these are all things that would bring me JOY. I had wanted to avoid choosing something so “basic” (I feel like I already live my life in a way that I am trying to achieve happiness); but after writing out my list of desires, rather than simply …

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So I’ve had my Etsy shop open for almost a month, and I’ve managed to get quite a few listings up – and even one sold!  Woohoo!  I’ve missed having an Etsy store.  I’m still trying to “catch up” to my old shop – I haven’t been able to get back into the same habits or connect with the same people quite yet.  But I’m still having fun making and listing items, and I’ve even got my mom making some stuff that she’d like to sell 🙂 So go take a look already! xo Ashley Above… 1. The RIPPLE scarf in CHARCOAL GREY 2. The RIPPLE scarf in RED RASPBERRY 3. CLOUD BLUE knot scarf and headband 4. Ruffle scarf in NEON GREEN and PINK 5. The SCRUNCH hair tie: in PURPLE and GREY colors 6. LIGHT LILAC and BLACK headband 7. The CHAIN scarf: in TAUPE BROWN color 8. …

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