I’ve had a cat in my life constantly. I’ve also always had a household filled with plants. Over the years, some combinations of certain cats and certain plants have been more successful than others, for sure. Our current household consists of two kitties and many varieties of plants. Some are non-toxic to kitties, others are. My cat, Milo, is (technically) an indoor cat but has always been a sucker for gnawing on plants, and almost nothing will stop him if he wants a particular one. His weakness is definitely palms, specifically the Parlor Palm from IKEA. I put that thing on a seven foot shelf, and I still woke up to a plant-carcass and dirt everywhere! My compromise was just to accept that that plant was a goner and to not buy any more. San, on the other hand, has been going outdoors since she was a kitten and is …

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I know it’s super cliché to say things like this, but I CANNOT BELIEVE that we’re at the end of August! I mean, HOLY SHIT! Personally, that means only ONE FRICKIN’ MONTH UNTIL BRIAN & I GET MARRIED!!!! Okay, this post is NOT for panic attacks. It’s for sharing (what’s left of) my garden. My garden has not fared well this summer: I wasn’t attentive enough in the weeding and watering and kind of just let it do it’s own thing. It definitely was not as successful as when I just grew a few things in pots on our deck. But hey, it’s all about trial and error and learning as you go! Okay, now some notes… So clearly, my one bunch of lemongrass TOOK OFF! I think it’d be excellent it its own little section next year. My vine-y stuff, that is watermelons and cucumbers, pretty much just passed …

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I was scrolling through some of my recent photos on my computer (not many) and remembered I wanted to share this snapshot from earlier this month of a few of the bounties of my garden: cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, and purple bell peppers. I’ve never had purple bell peppers — they’re white inside! Yesterday I picked almost any cherry tomato that wasn’t green. They’ve been this weird orange color for a while and I’ve kept waiting for them to turn red, but instead, they’re just bursting and/or falling to the ground. My large tomatoes aren’t looking so hot. A few of them have been eaten halfway through and they’ve got some weird black patches 🙁 I also picked two of the watermelons that don’t seem to be getting any larger since a few of those are being nibbled too. As I mentioned before, this is my first bedded garden, …

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I’ve been really good at procrastinating. Especially when it comes to blogging. Every day that I “put off” blogging feels like a little weight has been lifted, but with every day that comes, I forget more and more from days past. Blogging or journaling is how I remember. I need to remind myself that. Anyways, here are a few snapshots from my garden. I wanted to document this because it’s my first vegetable garden (previously I had everything in pots, and to be honest, it was 95% tomatoes). I’m disappointed I haven’t been following the garden’s progress more closely, but better late than never. This year, I did my obligatory tomatoes, both cherry and big boy; cucumbers; bell pepper (purple & green); basil; spinach (which is failing miserably); watermelon (ice box & something else); basil; lavender; rosemary; lemongrass; strawberries (also not doing well); anise hyssop; & yarrow. The watermelon is …

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I ate my first garden tomato yesterday! Growing up, my mom loved to garden.  She’d spend all day, every day working outside.  She still gardens today, although not as much.  I was never really into it.  I didn’t “get” it.  You work and work and work, when you could just go to the store and buy veggies and then sit on your butt inside.  I’ve slowly evolved out of that mentality.  Sort of.  I’m starting to look forward to checking on my plants, seeing how they’re doing, if they need water.  I like to just sit outside with them and enjoy the sun and breeze.  Isn’t becoming your mother everyone’s worst fear?


Last July, I made a list called “25 Things to do While I’m 25” and it’s been slow-going. When I made it, it was summertime, and the slow droll of winter never occurred to me. A lot of the things I want to do are summer-y things – whether because of the weather itself, or simply because I have more money in the summer and many of the things on my list, well, require money (like tattoos, bicycles, and traveling). #17 on the list is GROW A GARDEN. So, a few weeks ago, I dove in, buying a few packets of seeds and an indoor mini greenhouse thing (something similar to this). I watered and opened all the pellets in the container, labeled the rows (two rows for each type of plant), and then poked holes in the pellets with the butt-end of some tweezers. I dropped seeds by tweezer …

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