About a month ago, I watched my niece Kelsi for a few hours while my sister went to an appointment. Kelsi and I played in the snow for a little bit before coming inside to warm up and dry her clothes. I was changing the film in my Instax Mini when Kelsi grabbed my digital camera insisting “I take pictures of you!” I showed her where the shutter button was, and these were the results: I didn’t look at the photos until after Kelsi was picked up. I had a chuckle over her tiny little finger in each photo 🙂 BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


Yesterday, my sister and her family came down to Willow Creek to play mini golf with their daughter (my niece) Kelsi.. and I of course brought my camera ^.^ Overall, she made it through about five holes before she was just too interested in running around instead. She was also very good at kicking the ball towards the hole, or simply just picking it up and throwing it in… It was a good day – sunny skies and warm weather. The perfect day to play mini golf and hit baseballs in the batting cages.


Today, I got to watch my little niece Kelsi for a few hours.  She is one of the most well-behaved and well-mannered babies I’ve met (and I met quite a few at work). However, she’s still only sixteen months old, and absolutely HAS to get into anything you’ll allow her to — including my Hello Kitty lunchbox, that happened to be stocked with little bows and headbands just for her. She cleans up after herself though, hardly leaving anything just laying around.  She will however “rearrange” your furniture as she sees fit. Opening and closing the lunchbox all on her own. It took some convincing, but she finally wore something out of the box of goodies. A keepsake of her first visit (aside from our Housewarming). This girl is too cute for her own good. xo Ashley


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My niece’s first birthday was this past week, and her birthday party was on Saturday.  Awhile ago, I had picked her up a zebra print dress that she happens to fit in right now, and my sister themed most of the party around it!  There were zebra banners, streamers, and a zebra cake!  The best part?  My niece was the most well-behaved one year old I’ve seen – never fussed, was awake for the whole party, and played with everyone.  Too cute! xo Ashley Pictured above… Holding Gma’s hand; her own personal birthday cake; opening presents with Mommy & Daddy.


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My niece is one of the cutest kids you’ll ever meet.  I loves her to deaths ♥  She’s just over ten months old and there isn’t a whole lot that she does that won’t make you smile! xo Ashley