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Cheers! I’m Ashley, and I love to laugh, drink whiskey, decorate, and shop. I’m a twenty-something Cancerian girl camped out in Orion, Michigan, a small town that makes me dream of much bigger ones. I share my life with my forty-something husband Brian, and together we share our 1950s ranch home with our two kitties: San & Milo. I’ve been formally trained in interior design and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). While interior design is a great love of mine, I’ve found that graphic design soothes my soul creatively. I probably spend equal amounts of time redecorating my home & looking at interiors online as I do taking photos & creating digital artwork. I currently work in the kitchen & bath design field full time working with cabinetry design and hard surface material selections such as countertops, appliances, decorative hardware, flooring, and more. Otherwise, you can usually find me kicking around home – perusing the internet; listening to music; taking & editing photos; baking, cooking, & snacking; getting oily; reading; whipping up cocktails; trying to maintain my Etsy shop; scrapbooking (Project Life style); and/or sleeping. I also love to shop for goodies for my home as well as for myself. Occasionally a gift for someone else will end up in the cart too. I usually come home with new furniture, textiles, clothes, or makeup.  I have a weakness for beautiful views, inspiring images, and rich tiramisu, and my heart will melt for a handsome smile, a kind gesture, and a kitten’s meow.

Pink Loves Purple

This rendition of my online life, Pink Loves Purple, was officially created November 2011.

Previously I’d had many other online sites, including personal websites Busted Scooter, & azie designs, and personal online journals before that. I’ve had a handful of Etsy shops as well, including azie designs, Keep Warm, & photoshopped.

My current online stores are now at pinkxopurple.etsy.com where I sell photography + art prints, & pinkxopurplecrochet.etsy.com for crocheted goodies.

This blog is where I try to organize my thoughts and share my personal life, things I like, stuff I’m selling, and ideas I want to try. There’s no rhyme or reason really, just like my mind. Hopefully, you enjoy following along, so let’s be blog friends 🙂

The Story of The Name

The name Pink Loves Purple was inspired by Brian’s and my relationship. Our first mini golf adventure together, I, of course, chose pink for my ball, and he surprised me by choosing purple, an unusual color choice for men. I love purple almost as much as pink, and I think it’s a great color for guys (purple shirts are SEXY). Additionally, when I started dating Brian, he was assigned the color violet (for something personal that I won’t explain). One last piece was years ago, Brian had a tattoo appointment for which he left work briefly; he was intending a dragon down his arm and the back of his hand, but when he came back, he told me they wouldn’t tattoo in the break of the wrist because it looks bad years later. But instead of not getting a tattoo, he got something completely different on his ribs. It was a purple and pink dragon. I started associating purple with Brian, and have associated pink with myself for a while, so when I was drafting up ideas for blogs, Pink Loves Purple was born.

The Fine Print

Sharing is Caring: Feel free to use images or text from this site as long everything is credited and accompanied by a link back to Pink Loves Purple. This site is rights protected and images/text should remain in their original state. Failure to link back & credit is copyright violation.

This page last updated: November 2016.

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