I like photographing cemeteries. I’m not sure why… But while Brian & I were on Mackinac Island and he was antsy to get back to the ferries (he was insisting a huge storm was coming), I was like “CEMETERRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYY!!!” So he let me quickly run through it. It wasn’t nearly enough time to see and experience the weight of this place, but I was happy to at least find the oldest burial (thanks to some thoughtful signage!).

I’m still searching for some more solidity on the backstory of this cemetery. The signs say 1924, but the oldest grave is 1833; and the internet says they started moving graves from downtown to this location in 1850, which explains the oldest grave, but not the 1924 signage =/

Regardless, cemeteries can be quite beautiful, and this one is for sure.


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  1. I’ve always enjoyed wandering around cemeteries too, looking at all the interesting headstones and wondering about the people they once were.

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