You guys, I turn 30 this year. Thirty. In fewer than one month. Thirty. I hear it’s a big deal. Cause for celebration. Presents. “What do you want?” Every year, around birthdays and other holidays, I ponder this. And every year I usually just avoid answering (as I can never come up with something). This year I’ve got it!

If you would be so kind, please visit David Roszczewski’s GoFundMe page. Please read his story. And please please please donate. Anything. $5. $50. $500. Anything will help, even if it’s just the $7 you were going to spend on your Starbucks latte this morning. And even better if it’s the $7 you were going to spend on your Starbucks latte every morning this week. Or month. But still, even if it’s just today, I’ll still be grateful.

David (Rosie) Roszczewski is a friend to everyone. He will help any of his friends without asking anything in return. Now David needs the help of his friends. David was diagnosed with diabetes that had been left untreated for a long period of time. He was not made aware of his condition until recently when his eyes began failing him. He was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and has been unable to see. David cannot afford, nor does he have health insurance and needs the sight saving surgery which costs $12,000. He has had one of the surgeries that has left him with a $6,000 bill and he will have one more surgery costing the same. Funds raised will help our friend David save his sight and give hime peace of mind. Anything you can do will help. He would do it for you! Thanks!

Dave was a groomsman in our wedding just this past October. And as evidenced by these photos, his condition is definitely a HUGE surprise. A swift, terrifying, difficult surprise.

I haven’t been able to come up with any more words to describe the emotions behind this post. Dave and Brian have been friends for a long time (longer than I’ve known Brian). As Dave lives in North Carolina, there are few opportunities where we get to see him, but when we do, Dave always has two things: 1) A smile on his face, and 2) A story to tell.

Dave is a part of our family and any contributions will mean so much to Brian and me. Thank you.

David Roszczewski’s GoFundMe page.

All photos by Scot Orser.


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