Remember the last time I shared something about my My One Little Word, JOY? No? That’s because it was in January.

I have been getting around to the monthly prompts, but I’m always (ALWAYS) late to the game. It’s a little bit of a different feeling when you’re kind of doing your own thing weeks after the rest of the “class” did… But that’s always been my life. Late homework and Saturday detentions back then; willingly dishing out money on classes that I’m always “getting to later” now.

My January and February pages are still a mess with the intentions of “getting to them” to polish them up later… March is technically done, I suppose. March’s prompt was to make a vision board. And I was totally NOT into that idea. Which surprised me, because cutting up magazines and books and other paper bits and gluing them to anything and everything I could get my hands on was all I did as a child. Paper scraps perpetually L-I-T-T-E-R-E-D my room, no joke. This prompt though? I was like “It’s so simple and… dare I say, childish?” But I did it. And I kind of went through the motions. I had just pitched all my old magazines, so sources were more limited than usual, making me feel like I wasn’t finding images that really spoke to me and all that jazz.

I just watched the April prompt. (Keep in mind, these come out on the first of every month, and today is the 15th. Let it also be known that, since January’s, this is the earliest I’ve ever gotten to a prompt in a month.) Which had me go back through my One Little Word album.

My vision boards for March aren’t what I remember. In the moment of making them, I don’t recall many strong emotions. I was just kind of BLAH. Looking today, I realize that I had a common theme and feeling. And it was truly that I want to be joyful. I wanted to share these pages, because although they’re simple, and I wasn’t even that invested in them when I was making them, I am grateful to look at these today as a reminder of STRIVING FOR PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.

Here are the pages, the words on them, and a few snippets of my own feelings of the images:

REST. It’s like leaving the office early on a Friday. And coming back on a Wednesday.
Comfortable interior – cozy, warm, inviting.

Build the dream. Opportunity. Travel. Creative. Big ideas. Inspire your spirit. See things differently.
World map – Travel, be aware of what’s out there, consider the big picture, you’re not alone.

Life is full of beautiful moments, let them in. Focus on little moments. Peace of mind.
Island beach – My place of zen, beautiful, relaxing, travel.

Better together. Your choice has power. Be yourself.
Pub girl – happy, joyful, smiling, relaxing, free.

March Actions/Reflections

Each month, you can also do “Actions” and “Reflections” and I still have yet to decide HOW I want to do them (so I’ve been neglecting to actually set any Actions thus far… *sigh* It is what it is. All I can do is move forward and do better now.

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