When imaging my future “studio/office” space, I knew I wanted to leave a nice open space with no furniture, decor, or even receptacles, so that I would have somewhere to use for photography purposes. Turns out that that open space has also given me a place to start doing yoga.

Yoga has been one of those things that I’ve put off. I’ve had interest in trying it, but have never gotten around to it. With a “me space” available where I can 1) close the door and shades, 2) use a TV/the internet, and 3) have a place for a mat that I can use without playing Tetris with my furniture, I’ve actually started practicing. Not only that, but I’VE BEEN STICKING WITH IT.

I came across Yoga with Adriene, and am doing 30 Days of Yoga. Today, I did Day 14, and have practiced for twelve straight days (there was a good chunk of time between Day 1 and 2, and yesterday I did both Day 12 & 13). For some people, that’s NBD; but for me, I have to give myself a pat on the back. Especially since I spent last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at a hotel and I STILL got outta bed to practice.

Adriene has been so easy to follow and has a personality that keeps me coming back; so if you’re looking for some yoga videos on YouTube to watch, head to YWA.

Anyways, yoga is a part of a few things I’m trying to make a habit in my life right now in an effort towards a better personal well being, and I wanted to share a little GIF of my mat space 🙂


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