I finally have my STUDIOFFICE (Studio/Office) hovering around that 90% Complete mark. There’s still a lot of little finishing touches that I need to do to bring this room into full completion; but for now, I’m too excited about the space to keep from using it, documenting it, and sharing it!

As a reminder, here was the space when it was empty, as well as my 3-Dimensional renderings depicting my intentions for the space.

Needless to say, I am completely enjoying this space! Brian and I have sort of nicknamed it my “lady cave” [which sounds a tad inappropriate if your mind doesn’t immediately connect it with the idea of a “man cave”].

I’ve been wanting to snap a few shots to share for awhile, so I finally got to the point where I just “dealt with” the lighting I had. I’m not home during daylight hours very often, and lately when I am, it’s been a dark dreary day outside; this causes my “empty” side of my room to be really well lit, honestly, but my “working” side of the room to truly resemble a cave (which is fine for working in in real life, but not great for photos). /endramble.

Because I knew going in what I wanted to do with the space, I was able to make choices like having all my ceiling lights on dimmers (LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT; ALL LIGHTS SHOULD BE ON DIMMERS!!! [and yes, that warrants all caps]), a USB receptacle at my desk, and base molding that dies into the side of my Expedit instead of running behind it (this allows that giant piece of furniture to be pushed flush against the wall, instead of leaving a gap behind it ^.^). I love that I chose the base molding, and the moldings for the exterior door and windows. I chose super simple designs that were minimal, but pretty. I also chose not to wrap molding around the sides and tops of the windows to stay true to the style of our home (1950s ranch; our windows upstairs are done the same way).

A few things on the To Do List:

  • Paint over nail holes in my wire mesh magnet board
  • Hang artwork in southwest corner
  • Pot plants in pink wall pots
  • Find permanent homes for the wood crates, mannequin, exercise equipment, and the miscellaneous things I just threw in the closet
  • Paint exterior door [spring project]
  • Buy new storm door and address the space between the exterior door and the storm door [spring project]
  • Paint touch ups throughout


I shop at very few places (mostly home improvement stores, the grocery store, and IKEA in person, and of course Amazon), but here’s a summary of what came from where:

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