So I’ve been locked out of my blog for quite a few weeks… I just was sort of waiting for the problem to correct itself, as I never seemed to have a pocket of time to hone in and address it. WELLLLL, it didn’t fix itself, and it took me about ten minutes to “fix” it (it’s fixed enough that I’m logged in and can access my stuff, but I haven’t reinstalled the things I disabled).

Anyways, I’ve been itching to share so many things: OUR HONEYMOON PHOTOS — HELLO!??!?!?!!?! Where are those?? A few more wedding photos. MY BASEMENT STUDIO/OFFICE ROOM!!!! And yes, all this merits ALL CAPS because I’m so frickin’ excited. Hmm, what else? My One Little Word! My (temporary???) switch from my Samsung Galaxy to a Google Pixel. Lots of little stuff that, knowing me, I’ll never actually get around to sharing… 🙁

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of San with painter’s tape we stuck around her tail ^.^

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