Hey, remember when I made that Studio/Office mood board??? Like, four years ago??? No?

Well, progress has obviously been slow. But I suppose that’s fine, since I’m tweaking my design concepts anyways. Most of it still holds true, like the existing furniture, the mostly white & grey color palette, and the pink accent; some of it I’m glad I didn’t do, like the yellow barn door (still doing a barn door, just not yellow!), the “pops” of random colors, and the fabrics.

Here’s a modified version of what I’m thinking today:

[click for larger]

[RESOURCES] Flooring: COREtec Plus HD Odessa Grey Driftwood | barn door image | Furniture: IKEA | floating shelves image | molding image | Pendant light: Lowe’s | Frames: Michael’s | Lamp: antique | Fonts: Remington Noiseless & my handwriting.

And since I FINALLY have flooring installed, I think I can officially start to feel like this room is going somewhere! So I spent a few hours pulling together the concept so that when I’m trying to explain to Brian what I want, I can just show him!

Here’s an overview for orientation (up is north):

Looking WEST will be my main “work” area: Expedit desk for sitting projects, Hemnes dresser for standing projects, & standing computer work station. The computer station hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet, but the decided components are that the PC will be on a shelf above the TV and will be hidden with sliding panels.

The Malm dresser will be in the closet area with the printer on top. We will build floating shelves on two walls.

Looking EAST is less interesting because I’m intentionally leaving that half of the room open; I will use this space for photography. I don’t have as much of a need for it at the moment, because my photography has sort of fell by the wayside, but I’m hoping with my moving into this space, I’ll reconcile the hobby. I’ll likely move our loveseat into the space though since we don’t have room for it in our living room. I can just move it around the room as needed. This will also be a good impromptu space for anyone that might need to crash overnight 🙂

I am getting SO excited!!! The next step is the base molding and then I think Brian will start letting me move my furniture and stuff in 😀 I am trying to keep this positive mentality though since in order to get to this space, I’ll have to walk through the “storage” portion of our basement… AND the bathroom downstairs is terrifying… OY. One step at a time!



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