IN 2016, I…

…resolved to DOCUMENT MORE. Out of the gate, I found an app called 1 Second Everyday, which I love, but I didn’t keep up with it; I only made two months worth of videos – 1 & 2.

rambled about my lack of documentation.

…tried to relaunch my Etsy shop, only to leave it sitting immediately afterwards.

…started pocket scrapbooking that was going really well until I tried to do A Week In The Life, which caused me to come to a screeching halt with the whole thing somehow.

…shared a few things.

mused about how different current-me is from past-me.

…grew my first garden! July, spoils, August.

…celebrated my 29th birthday in Buffalo, NY: 1, 2, 3.

…shared a few things I collect: Maneki-neko; Essential Oils.

…launch a wedding website.

…talked about our kitties’ alternative food “bowl” to keep them from getting too fat.

…FINALLY finished The Wheel of Time series!!!

came across a “memory box” and what was inside really impacted me.

…suffered the worst thing to have ever happened to me, and felt its ongoing effect.

got married!!!

…came home from our honeymoon to a little snow.

…finally got around to sharing something about the wedding – our ceremony programs.


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