In the weeks before the wedding, I spent A LOT of time designing our wedding programs. I did them in Photoshop and had them printed at Kinko’s (FedEX).


They were set out on the seats at the ceremony, but they also contained information about the reception following afterwards. I wanted the leftover programs brought along to the reception hall for the guests who didn’t make it to the ceremony, but somehow that message got lost and a lot of our guests never saw the programs. Considering the amount of time I spent on them, I’m sure you can imagine that that breaks my heart a little.


There were a few things that I wanted to include in the programs that I forgot because I was rushing to finish them. One of them was pretty important, and I can’t believe I forgot it: I wanted to mention our new last name. Brian and I decided to both change our last names to something new. And as we were being announced with the new names, I wanted to give guests the heads up so they didn’t think the DJ was an idiot or something. I am so bummed that I forgot this in the programs!


I am still really proud of these and wanted to share the programs as well as a few stories and thoughts behind them:

Page 1 featured a little about Brian & me as a couple. I knew I wanted to break down our time together with some “statistics.” Due to my self-caused time constraints (*cough*procrastination*cough*), I had to keep it simple. I wasn’t going to be able to take the time to “figure out” specific things (like, how many miles we’ve travelled together or something like that or even more broad like amount of vacations together), so had to generalize way more than I originally intended. In the timeline, I chose not to include the specific dates mostly for no other reason than to try to clean up a lot of the busyness that was already happening, but also because some spanned more than one day (vacation). I tried to keep everything as similar as possible, but I ended up having to make some things two lines or a different timeframe (“spring” versus “May”). Overall I feel that this page was able to give everyone all the basics that they may have missed over the years along with some smaller things to let them get to know us a little better.

Page 2 is probably my favorite. I’ve seen so many silhouette programs and loved the idea, but I just couldn’t find silhouettes that I liked for my own programs. So in Photoshop, I just traced real photos of everyone* – problem solved 😀 This allowed me to showcase our wedding party — I’m sure guests who have never met them were able to link faces to names after looking at the programs. Bethany even dyed a streak of dress-matching purple in her hair that I included. One of those “things I forgot” though was a veil. Since for all the girls, myself included, I traced photos that were us in the dresses, I kind of forgot to add the veil (it wasn’t in any of my photos). Oops. The guys’ tuxes I just made up. I knew the colors we picked and just traced their general physique from photos of them in street clothes. I was also able to use Page 2 to kind of explain why our party was a little lopsided (ones groomsman wasn’t there and another was doubling as officiant) without outright drawing attention to it [side fun fact: initially Brian seemed really weirded out by the idea of having more groomsmen than bridesmaids even when I explained to him that it’s fairly common].

*Jeff was not traced and was displayed by a stock silhouette from the web. Unfortunately, he was unable to make it to the wedding (he lives in California and had surgery recently), but we still wanted to include him.

Page 3 is pretty boring because there really wasn’t a good way to pack in all that information without just spelling everything out. I’m sure there ended up being a few TL;DR moments…

Page 4 I intended (again) to include more “things” but I really underestimated how long the whole project would take me. I guess I’m a little rusty in my graphic design game, as I was having trouble deciding on colors, fonts, and layouts and that really ate up a lot of time. I knew I wanted a pie chart for something and to have the little dresses and tuxes thing; I also wanted to list out of music selections. I intended to “feature” more guests (like first to RSVP [someone who ended up not showing up oddly enough, so that worked out] or last to RSVP and states that guests were from).

I think the biggest worry about making my own programs was SPELLING ERRORS. I still look for them. I’m convinced that there is at least one. At least. *Paranoid* But once I got (eh, no, get) over that, it really was worth it to make my own and have full control over what to include and how to do it.

If you’re into graphic design like me, the fonts I used were… Sans Serif: Quicksand (I love the ampersand!); Cursive: Asterism Clean; Handwriting: my own.


PS If you went back to look for a Quicksand ampersand, please let me know.

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