My Beginning With Essential Oils

WHERE DO YOU START WITH ESSENTIAL OILS?!?!? I mean, seriously! There is so much hype and information out there about essential oils, it’s overwhelming! I want to share my story with essential oils and hopefully it might help anyone else get on the path to an oily life.

I honestly can’t remember what the first occurrence of essential oils in my life was… When I was a kid, I used to steal a bunch of household chemicals from around the house and “concoct” mad scientist potions, thinking they would solve all my problems [no kidding]. This was always a failure because 1) they smelt bad; 2) they tasted bad (I would mix, say, toothpaste, soda, flour, or some other edible things, thinking that they can mix together and taste good); 3) I usually damaged something. In my childhood home, I ruined a room of carpet with my experiments with bleach. [Looking back, I don’t understand how I didn’t somehow kill myself as a child… No joke. But perhaps that’s a story for another day.]

However, this weird draw to “concoct potions” never really left me. Even the word ELIXIR sounds tantalizing. In middle school, Wicca was kind of a trend. “Teen Witch” was a sort of go-to guide for all our pre-teen problems and desires. I never outwardly participated, but I would practice at home. There are a lot of things about Wicca that I love (even though I no longer actively practice), but a connection to essential oils is there. At 12 years old, I had an altar of candles, inspirational quotes, and spellbooks. Today, I have a similar “altar” of essential oils jars and boxes, aromatherapy books, and diffusers.

I do remember eventually getting bitten by the desire to learn more about essential oils specifically in the last year or so. I spent quite a long time simply reading online. I read a lot of general information, a lot of reviews, and a lot of feedback about different companies. And I’ll be honest – I cannot use the word overwhelming enough when it comes to oils! The first time I (knowingly) used essential oils was this last spring (2016) when a coworker was getting swamped with work and exclaimed “I need my oils!” After a quick trip home, she brought back a couple rollers that were completely foreign to me. She asked if I wanted to try one – “One is for relaxing, and one is for focusing.” I said “Sure, what do I do with it?” “Just apply it to the back of your neck or wrists.” Twenty minutes later, she was furiously typing away on her computer, while I was leaning so far back in my chair zoned out that I could’ve fallen over and not even cared. What is going on with me? I wondered. Immediately, it dawned on me, and I proclaimed “Oh my god, your oils!” If you didn’t figure it out, she had used the focus blend, while I had used the relaxing.

Not too long after that, and many hours into the night, I had landed on a company that I felt was a no-risk way to try essential oils. Edens Garden had great reviews across the ‘net, and was super affordable! I figured that if I hated them, the investment wasn’t high enough to be too bummed. Turns out, love it! However, I cannot just stick with one thing. So after the handful of oils that I initially purchased, I picked out some more from Edens Garden and then started to look for another company to compare them to. I came across Plant Therapy, which seemed very similar to Edens Garden. The thing I like about Plant Therapy is that it’s set up in a way that appeals to the bargain-hunter in me – you get discounts for signing up for repeat orders and you earn points for the things you buy. I easily started to accumulate quite the collection. I started making my own rollers, cleaning sprays, deodorizing sprays, freshening sprays, nighttime diffusing blends, work diffusing blends, candles, lotion blends, and more! I was definitely addicted. At that point, I didn’t care if I saw no other benefit than essentially a placebo effect from all the great smells!

But I couldn’t shake the feeling of “missing out.” I’m sure if you’ve ever Googled essential oils or casually mentioned them amongst others, the subject always turns to doTERRA and Young Living. I’m the type of person that can do some pretty thorough research when the mood strikes, and I simply needed to know what it was all about. Initially, I immediately saw why people dislike doTERRA and Young Living – the marketing side of things. It’s sort of like Avon – you sell the products, but also get your friends to sell the products, and you’re rewarded. Definitely not my scene! But time and time again, it was these two companies that dominated the EO world. SOOOO, of course, I ended up taking the plunge; I decided to try doTERRA first. It’s the brand the aforementioned coworker used. And a bunch of the girls at my new job use that brand exclusively (it’s almost cult-ish, but in a super fun way; that is, “I have a headache,” “Want some __ oil?”). There are a LOT of blends that doTERRA has that I LOVE! But there are definitely way more oils to choose from with Young Living.

So that’s a little about my history and beginning with essential oils up until today. I will share more about the different brands, blends, oils, etc. that I like later. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a membership at either doTERRA or Young Living, feel free to use the following links to sign up. If you do, I’ll get credit for the referral 🙂 (And as a thank you, if you email me your address, I’ll send you a free gift.)

Young Living sign up

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