• How to have a GREAT life – beautiful.
  • I love things like these confessions.  Secrets are so addicted – some are so beautiful and others chill me to the bone.  We’re all hiding things…
  • I’ve been meaning to do this to my trunk for years.
  • I don’t really take a lot of photos of Brian & me anymore…  maybe I should challenge myself too.
  • I really want to try all these fragrances because Brian is an insta-headache-from-any-smells sorta person too =/
  • Random facts” were always fun to do when they were making rounds on Livejournal, Myspace, and eventually Facebook.  I almost thought I wrote #8, except I have a sister, not a brother (and I don’t think I’d melt down about it, just send back my toast at restaurants after ordering it dry and still getting it buttered).  How could I NOT love butter???
  • Words to take to heart about your blog ♥
  • I wish I had done something like this when I moved; maybe it would have forced me to unpack (AND DISCARD) all of my junk instead of leaving it in the moving boxes (going on fifteen months now).
  • HOLY COW!  All I can say about this photo!
  • I REALLY wanted to do a Project Life album, but I ended up only doing about a week or two (started after my birthday in JULY)…  I keep thinking I’ll “catch up” at some point, but who am I kidding?  Looking at others’ albums though is giving me a little push…
  • This reno?  AMAZING.  What a different space!!!
  • Such beautiful words about childhood.
  • What an inspirational workspace!  This looks almost like what I’m going for in my basement space!
  • I love these little tips about co-decorating 🙂
  • Here‘s a great collection of geometric tile floors.
  • I may have to do this to all my ugly lamp cords.
  • This home is so beautiful!
  • Burn & cleanse?  I may have to try this…

Have a happy weekend!


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