Happy Friday!  Here are a few things for you to peruse on the internet this weekend:

  • New Hairstyle Syndrome — The Illusion of Sudden Social Conspicuousness.  “Your new hairstyle, in actuality, is only new to you and people who have seen and remembered the style that preceded it. Strangers have no idea that it’s different to how it used to look and therefore spend no time dwelling on the fact that it may or may not be a step in the right direction for your appearance.”
  • Which moon phase sounds like you?  And which were you actually born under?  I feel like a waxing gibbous moon; I was born under a waxing moon, 89% full.
  • Are you going to make your own gravy this Thanksgiving? Don’t stop stirring!
  • This hot butterscotch cocoa recipe looks delish!
  • Agreed.
  • Do you agree with this woman’s statement regarding false lashes being used in mascara ads: “Women know that the product’s results will differ for reasons such as their own personal features and makeup techniques. They do not expect to look like the model in the ad.” ?  I agree that I don’t expect my real lashes to look like fake lashes, but when ads depict your lashes instantly (digitally) growing, I think you need to take responsibility for what your ad is saying.
  • They thought about 400,000 more would enroll in Obamacare already.
  • What’s your state’s sandwich?  Michigan is the traditional pasty, but I could go for a “Tipsy Texan.”
  • Have you seen Pawel Kuczynski’s illustrations?
  • I did this test (after a couple beers to make it a little more challenging) – here is what I went with, and here are my results.
  • I am LOVING the look of this dining room and may have to do something similar in my own.
  • This is one of my favorite pieces.
  • Looking at this shop tour makes me regret not having dark wood floors.
  • I sent this to Brian as inspiration for kitty cubes.  I also showed him this Etsy shop and told him “You could do stuff like this!”
  • And this is another post using plywood – I’m really starting to get interested in finding a way to bring plywood tastefully into my home!
  • These spaces are so beautiful.
  • Are you going to need a larger dining table for Thanksgiving dinner?  Try this!

I hope you have a great weekend!



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