Remember the last time I shared something about my My One Little Word, JOY? No? That’s because it was in January. I have been getting around to the monthly prompts, but I’m always (ALWAYS) late to the game. It’s a little bit of a different feeling when you’re kind of doing your own thing weeks after the rest of the “class” did… But that’s always been my life. Late homework and Saturday detentions back then; willingly dishing out money on classes that I’m always “getting to later” now. My January and February pages are still a mess with the intentions of “getting to them” to polish them up later… March is technically done, I suppose. March’s prompt was to make a vision board. And I was totally NOT into that idea. Which surprised me, because cutting up magazines and books and other paper bits and gluing them to anything and …

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When imaging my future “studio/office” space, I knew I wanted to leave a nice open space with no furniture, decor, or even receptacles, so that I would have somewhere to use for photography purposes. Turns out that that open space has also given me a place to start doing yoga. Yoga has been one of those things that I’ve put off. I’ve had interest in trying it, but have never gotten around to it. With a “me space” available where I can 1) close the door and shades, 2) use a TV/the internet, and 3) have a place for a mat that I can use without playing Tetris with my furniture, I’ve actually started practicing. Not only that, but I’VE BEEN STICKING WITH IT. I came across Yoga with Adriene, and am doing 30 Days of Yoga. Today, I did Day 14, and have practiced for twelve straight days (there …

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My Beginning With Essential Oils WHERE DO YOU START WITH ESSENTIAL OILS?!?!? I mean, seriously! There is so much hype and information out there about essential oils, it’s overwhelming! I want to share my story with essential oils and hopefully it might help anyone else get on the path to an oily life. I honestly can’t remember what the first occurrence of essential oils in my life was… When I was a kid, I used to steal a bunch of household chemicals from around the house and “concoct” mad scientist potions, thinking they would solve all my problems [no kidding]. This was always a failure because 1) they smelt bad; 2) they tasted bad (I would mix, say, toothpaste, soda, flour, or some other edible things, thinking that they can mix together and taste good); 3) I usually damaged something. In my childhood home, I ruined a room of carpet …

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I’ve had a cat in my life constantly. I’ve also always had a household filled with plants. Over the years, some combinations of certain cats and certain plants have been more successful than others, for sure. Our current household consists of two kitties and many varieties of plants. Some are non-toxic to kitties, others are. My cat, Milo, is (technically) an indoor cat but has always been a sucker for gnawing on plants, and almost nothing will stop him if he wants a particular one. His weakness is definitely palms, specifically the Parlor Palm from IKEA. I put that thing on a seven foot shelf, and I still woke up to a plant-carcass and dirt everywhere! My compromise was just to accept that that plant was a goner and to not buy any more. San, on the other hand, has been going outdoors since she was a kitten and is …

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I finally have my STUDIOFFICE (Studio/Office) hovering around that 90% Complete mark. There’s still a lot of little finishing touches that I need to do to bring this room into full completion; but for now, I’m too excited about the space to keep from using it, documenting it, and sharing it! As a reminder, here was the space when it was empty, as well as my 3-Dimensional renderings depicting my intentions for the space. Needless to say, I am completely enjoying this space! Brian and I have sort of nicknamed it my “lady cave” [which sounds a tad inappropriate if your mind doesn’t immediately connect it with the idea of a “man cave”]. I’ve been wanting to snap a few shots to share for awhile, so I finally got to the point where I just “dealt with” the lighting I had. I’m not home during daylight hours very often, and …

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When I first got my Canon Mark 7D II [April 2015], I had a few issues with some “corrupted” images [continuing into July 2015]… but after exchanging camera bodies, SD cards, AND card readers, nothing changed. I tried different computer software, different COMPUTERS, different lenses… NOTHING. The problem eventually went away though, and I sort of forgot all about it… Then I snapped a few pictures this afternoon of my #studioffice space to share, and they are FUCKED UP. WHAT?!?!?!?! Seriously, what is this?! Google is usually my end-all-be-all, and I am not finding anything useful. I’m so confused and sad right now… BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


I wanted to share [a low-res version of] our wedding highlights video 🙂 FULL RES HERE! Video by Mike Staff Productions. BLOG ▪ ETSY SHOP ▪ INSTAGRAM ▪ TWITTER ▪ FACEBOOK ▪ PINTEREST


So I’ve been locked out of my blog for quite a few weeks… I just was sort of waiting for the problem to correct itself, as I never seemed to have a pocket of time to hone in and address it. WELLLLL, it didn’t fix itself, and it took me about ten minutes to “fix” it (it’s fixed enough that I’m logged in and can access my stuff, but I haven’t reinstalled the things I disabled). Anyways, I’ve been itching to share so many things: OUR HONEYMOON PHOTOS — HELLO!??!?!?!!?! Where are those?? A few more wedding photos. MY BASEMENT STUDIO/OFFICE ROOM!!!! And yes, all this merits ALL CAPS because I’m so frickin’ excited. Hmm, what else? My One Little Word! My (temporary???) switch from my Samsung Galaxy to a Google Pixel. Lots of little stuff that, knowing me, I’ll never actually get around to sharing… 🙁 Meanwhile, enjoy this …

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I’ve finally decided on my word for my first One Little Word workshop [Here is a quick video summary of the workshop]. I had started by listing random words that I thought would work and ended up with over forty line items over the course of the last couple weeks (some of them were repeats). When one still didn’t seem to encompass everything I was going for, I simply made a list of what would be important to me in 2017: finishing projects; going outside more; being creative (painting, crocheting, photographing, scrapbooking, etc.); simplifying; decluttering; organizing; traveling… In the end, I noticed that these are all things that would bring me JOY. I had wanted to avoid choosing something so “basic” (I feel like I already live my life in a way that I am trying to achieve happiness); but after writing out my list of desires, rather than simply …

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Hey, remember when I made that Studio/Office mood board??? Like, four years ago??? No? Well, progress has obviously been slow. But I suppose that’s fine, since I’m tweaking my design concepts anyways. Most of it still holds true, like the existing furniture, the mostly white & grey color palette, and the pink accent; some of it I’m glad I didn’t do, like the yellow barn door (still doing a barn door, just not yellow!), the “pops” of random colors, and the fabrics. Here’s a modified version of what I’m thinking today: [click for larger] [RESOURCES] Flooring: COREtec Plus HD Odessa Grey Driftwood | barn door image | Furniture: IKEA | floating shelves image | molding image | Pendant light: Lowe’s | Frames: Michael’s | Lamp: antique | Fonts: Remington Noiseless & my handwriting. And since I FINALLY have flooring installed, I think I can officially start to feel like this …

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